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Welcome to Campaign Stop 2016

Welcome to Campaign Stop 2016, a year-long project that will highlight the Duke community’s conversations about the 2016 presidential election, as well as important Congressional, state and local contests.

Already, the presidential campaign — with approximately 20 candidates — is shaping up to be both intriguing and at times outrageous. Right up until Election Day Nov. 8, 2016, we will provide you with a range of expert opinion that helps cut through the clutter. Duke faculty are particularly well-versed to weigh in on many of the important issues sure to arise during the campaign — think climate change, immigration, health care, voting rights and any number of other topics. Our faculty are also closely following Southern and regional politics — North Carolina again looks to be an important battleground state — and will be weighing in on those races as well.

A recurring video feature on the site will be foreign policy scholars Bruce Jentleson and Peter Feaver debating America’s global role in a segment we call “Foreign Exchange.”

Given that Duke enrolls about 15,000 undergraduate, graduate and professional students, we also intend to emphasize issues that most concern young voters. We believe that providing this perspective — through student interviews and blogs — will help distinguish this site from many other political venues.

We plan to update this site each weekday, and we hope it becomes a place that political junkies will visit regularly.

We aim to use a variety of media — including podcasts, Twitter chats, blogs, video, news clips and op-eds — to offer something for every audience. That should include state, national and international reporters covering the 2016 election, government officials and Congressional staffers as well as the extended Duke community and the general public.

Regularly highlighted features on the page will include “Ask the Expert,” where a faculty member takes part in a live video Google Hangout to answer questions about the hot topic of the day. We will also ask professors from a variety of disciplines what topics they wish the candidates would address but have not, and students what one issue concerns them most.

We welcome your questions and feedback about the site throughout the campaign. You can contact us at and .